To say that we love coffee would go against our belief in loving people, rather than things. What we can say though, is that we really like coffee, like A LOT. Even with our admiration for coffee, for us it's really just a catalyst for community. We hand-roast specialty coffee in small batches, sourced from farmers who pour (Ha ha! Coffee pun) their lives into their crop and community, in an effort to produce the highest quality from both.

At Moose Dog Coffee Co. we strive to not only bring awareness to the hard work and dedication that goes into getting coffee from seed to cup but to also positively impact our community, from "seed to cup". 


HONOR - We aim to operate in a manner of integrity, responsibility, and accountability. We believe in functioning in ways that uphold the highest standards and ethics, in every facet of life and business. Shade is a thing trees provide, not us.

COURAGE - We strive to not only do the right thing, for the right reasons but to courageously lead the charge in ensuring the well being of our community.

COMMITMENT - We are devoted to family, friendship, community, hard work, and good stewardship. As part of our commitment, we donate a portion of our time and profits toward causes locally and globally. Every purchase you make from Moose Dog has a positive impact. 

Thanks for checking us out!


Have some questions or feedback for us? Send us an email, we'd be glad to hear from ya! We'll even half-ass listen to your complaints. And as always...

With Love,

   Moose Dog